Fospice Program

Each year we receive roughly 7,000-8,000 pets at our shelters. That is a lot of animals to care for each year! While many are happy and healthy pets ready to go up for adoption, there are others that are sick, pregnant or nursing, injured, or have some sort of medical/behavioral issue. That’s where you as a foster parent come in and save the day!

A fospice parent will provide a permanent foster home for our older, long term animals, and those with any medical or behavioral issues. All fospice parents will receive follow-up medical checkups and supplies as needed. The Humane Society will provide routine follow up care for the diagnosed condition. There is no special skill needed to become a fospice parent, only a love of animals is needed.

For more information on our fospice program, please call us at (772) 461-0687.


Sponsor Spotlight

St. Lucie Draft House

The Humane Society of St. Lucie County with the Florida Animal Friend Grant of $25,000 was able to perform 800 spay and neuter procedures for a low cost to pet owners in St. Lucie County.

The grant allowed pet owners to make sure their pets are able to live long healthy lives at an affordable cost to them. Thanks to Florida Animal Friend for your continued effort in helping reduce the amount of unwanted pets in Florida.


Call 772.461.0687 to make an appointment for our low cost clinic.