Our Staff

Employee of the Month

Jay Roach

Meet our Employee of the Month Jay! Jay is the head of our Maintenance department at our Port St. Lucie facility, but he's always willing to help in any of our areas. Without asking Jay will pick up a hose and clean kennels, pick up supplies and donations, and most importantly he provides comic relief to all of us when it's been a tough day. Jay is always putting a smile on everyone's face! Congrats Jay on a very deserving honor!

Director of Operations/Certified Veterinary Technician

       Jackie Lyman

Director of Administration

       David Robertson

Accounting Manager/Human Resources

         Kristina Becker

Public Information Officer

         David Lynch

Certified Veterinary Assistants

       Samantha Charron

Animal Care Specialist

       Rachel D'Agostino
       Rebecca Fackler
       Tonjia Floyd
       Debra Horst
       Brittany Adorno
       Melinda Schroeder
       Rosa Wilder
       Lorie Woods
       David Lucas
       Travis McCown
      Jenna Turpin


       Misty Cooke
       Ginni Jordan
       Jobita Saldana

Maintenance Supervisors

     Jay Roach
     Michael Spielman

Outside Adoption Specialist

    Tim Stashis


   Dr. Angela Compton
  Dr. Matthew Wallace


Sponsor Spotlight

St. Lucie Draft House

The Humane Society of St. Lucie County with the Florida Animal Friend Grant of $25,000 was able to perform 800 spay and neuter procedures for a low cost to pet owners in St. Lucie County.

The grant allowed pet owners to make sure their pets are able to live long healthy lives at an affordable cost to them. Thanks to Florida Animal Friend for your continued effort in helping reduce the amount of unwanted pets in Florida.


Call 772.461.0687 to make an appointment for our low cost clinic.