Animal Shelter

Each year, we rescue, care for, and re-home more than 8,000 animals in our community. Our goal is always to provide immediate care for the animals under our roof and to create a better future for all of St. Lucie County's animals.

How long does an animal stay at The Humane Society of St. Lucie County?

The Humane Society keep animals that come in as strays for five business days in order to allow adequate time for the owner to claim it.

How do I claim my pet?

To claim your pet from The Humane Society of St. Lucie County, we require that you provide the following:

  • Valid identification with your current address, or photo ID and proof of current address (for example, a water or phone bill, lease, pay stub with address, bank statement or government document)
  • Proof of ownership (for example, an adoption certificate or purchase bill or a recent veterinary bill, rabies tag number or city licence)
  • Funds to pay the release fees (cash, credit debit card or check). Release fees vary depending on the length of time the animal has been in the Animal Shelter. The animal cannot be released without release fees being paid. If the animal is brought into us from animal control or another individual, the fees included are $25 for the first day and $15 for each day thereafter. Other fines/rates may vary dependant upon city or county.

What if I do not claim my pet before the stray period expires?

If an animal is not claimed after being held for the mandatory stray period of five business days, the animal is then assessed to determine his/her suitability for adoption.

The HSSLC verifies that the animal is in good health and of sound temperament. Animals considered suitable for placement will receive required veterinary care within our resources to provide, be sterilized, then transferred to our Adoption Centre so that they can be adopted into a responsible loving new home.

Lost Animals
The HSSLC cares for thousands of lost and stray animals each year. Cats make up the largest of our stray population. Pet owners who have lost their pet must visit the HSSLC as soon as possible to see if their animal is here, file a lost report, leave a picture and visit the shelter at least every three days to check for their lost pet. Microchip or other identification (tattoo, licence and/or I.D.) makes it easier for shelter staff to identify a lost pet and try to contact the owner; however, given the sheer volume of stray animals arriving at the shelter every day, you must take responsibility for finding your lost pet.

Visit our Lost and Found section.